EN   The Independent Space Index is both a comprehensive index of local artist-run spaces, off-spaces and independent art spaces in Vienna, Austria, currently comprising of active entries, as well as a platform of representation for the local association of independent art spaces under the same name, formed in late 2017 as a response to recent right-wing politics and public cultural funding cuts in Austria.

DE   Der Independent Space Index ist sowohl ein ausführliches Verzeichnis lokaler Artist-Run Spaces, Off-Spaces und unabhängiger Kunsträume in Wien, welches momentan aktive Einträge verzeichnet, als auch Repräsentationsplattform der Wiener Vereinigung unabhängiger Kunsträume unter demselben Namen, welche sich Ende 2017 als Reaktion auf rechte Politik und Kürzungen öffentlicher Kulturförderungen in Österreich formiert hat.

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The site and initiative is constantly expanding. If you are affiliated with or know about an initiative that you think is missing on independentspaceindex.at, or if you want to otherwise contrtibute to the Index, please get in contact. Any input is highly appreciated! Thank you for your support.

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*By including them in the index, we would like to pay hommage to all of the currently non operational or closed down initiatives that helped shape the local scene.

36|Projectcell 4th Operngasse 36 patachronique.com
Tim Nolas____TIM NOLAS 8th Skodagasse 26 timnolas.com
LLLLLL□□□□□■ 3rd Seidlgasse 14 LLLLLL.at
Aa collections 15th Reindorfgasse 9/2/R01 aacollections.net
ada 16th Wattgasse 16/6 artisticdynamicassociation.eu
Bar Du Bois 5th Diehlgasse 50 bardubois.at
Bildetage 3rd Barichgasse bildetage.com
Blütengasse 9 3rd Blütengasse 9 facebook.com
Büro Weltausstellung 2nd Praterstraße 42 / 1 / Mezzanin artfoundation.at
Camera Matteotti 5th Fendigasse 37 / 16 / 1 cameramatteotti.com
Dessous 12th Anton-Scharff-Gasse 4 thedessous.com
die Schöne 16th Kuffnergasse 7 dieschoene.at
fAN 2nd Glockengasse 9 fineartnetwork.net
flat1 6th U-Bahnbogen 6-7 flat1.at
Foundation 3rd Hainburgerstraße 47/1 foundationvienna.com
format .strk currently no address currently no address strategischekapitulation.org
FOX 3rd Marxergasse 16 foxwien3.blogspot.co.at
Futur II 16th Haberlgasse 42 futur2.at
Gärtnergasse 16th Ottakringer Straße 44 gaertnergasse.com
Galerie Kunstbuero 6th Schadekgasse 6-8 artfoundation.at
GESSO Artspace 21st Donaufelderstraße 73 / 5.04 A-B gessoartspace.com
GOMO 2nd Volkertplatz 8 gomoartspace.com
Guimarães 6th Linke Wienzeile 36 / 1c guimaraes.info
hoast 2nd Große Sperlgasse 25 hoast.net
hinterland galerie 5th Krongasse 20 hinterland.ag
Kaeshmaesh 2nd Ennsgasse 20 kaeshmaesh.com
Kevin Space 2nd Volkertstraße 17 kevinspace.org
KIK kik-art.org
KLUCKYLAND 20th Othmargasse 34 kluckyland.com
Kulturdrogerie 18th Gentzgasse 86-88 kulturdrogerie.org
Kunstraum am Schauplatz 2nd Praterstrasse 42, 2. Innenhof k-r-a-s.com
Kunsttankstelle Ottakring 16th Grundsteingasse 45-47 kunsttankstelleottakring.at
Kunstverein Extra 6th Eisvogelgasse 5 kunstverein-extra.com
LOW 7th Lerchenfeldergürtel 38 facebook.com
Mauve 3rd Löwengasse 18 mauve-vienna.com
Mz Baltazars Lab 20th Wallensteinstraße 38-40/8 mzbaltazarslaboratory.org
New Jörg 20th Jägerstraße 56 newjoerg.at
One Mess Gallery 1st Löwelstraße 6 onemessgallery.com
Pferd 11th Medwedweg 3 pferd.rocks
philomena+ 2nd Heinestraße 40/7 philomena.plus
Pina 4th Große Neugasse 44 pinavienna.eu
Schneiderei nomadic nomadic seeyounextthursday.com
school 5th Grüngasse 22 weloveschool.org
Sehsaal 5th Zentagasse 38 sehsaal.at
Setzkasten Wien 17th Hernalser Hauptstraße 29/4 setzkastenwien.at
Significant Other 7th Burggasse 24 significantother.art
Size Matters 5th Margaretenstraße 110 sizematters.club
SORT 1st Bäckerstraße 7/8 sortvienna.com
SUPER 5th Schönbrunner Straße 10 supersuper.at
Tower 22nd Kratochwjlestraße 12 facebook.com
THE CLUB CLUB 15th Löschenkohlgasse 12 clubclub.wien
VBKÖ 1st Maysedergasse 2 vbkoe.org
Ve.Sch Berggasse 6, Kaltenleutgeben vesch.org
VENT gallery 8th Lange Gasse 2 ventgallery.com
wasserwasser 15th Oelweingasse 14-16 wasserwasser.at
WE DEY X SPACE 7th Kandlgasse 24 we-dey.in
White Dwarf Projects 3rd Seidlgasse 14 facebook.com
Zentrale 16th Neulerchenfelder Straße 52 zentrale.jetzt
D.E.L.F. 12th Ratschkygasse 36 delf.at
autocorrect autocorrect.at
Diana Lambert 5th Fendigasse 23/19 dianalambert.org
wellwellwell 4th Mittersteig 2a wellwellwell.at
hhdm 6th Damböckgasse 8 hhdm.eu
Mandelkern Project patrickmwschabus.wixsite.com