About Independent Space Index

Independent Space Index is a self-organised, comprehensive index of local artist-run, non-commercial and independent art spaces (also called “Off-Spaces” or Alternative Spaces) in Vienna, Austria.

The Index acts as a platform of representation for the identically named association of independent art spaces, formed in late 2017 as a response to right-wing politics and the threat of public cultural funding cuts in Austria.

The platform aims to strengthen solidarity among like-minded cultural initiatives, to increase the visibility of non-commercial, independent artistic production by archiving its locales and facilitating their discovery, and to highlight their contribution to the local art scene.


Independent Space Index makes no claim to completeness and up-to-dateness of its entries. If you believe an initiative is missing on the list or an entry is incorrect, you can get in touch via contact@independentspaceindex.at.


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We would furthermore like to thank everyone who has helped establish our initiative and the people that keep supporting our ambitions. Independent Space Index is a non-profit initiative, driven by communal effort—all assistance is always warmly appreciated!