“The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is hosting an Erasmus Blended Intensive course including students from the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, Estonian Academy of Arts, and Malmö Art Academy which will involve interventions at the invitation of the Neuer Kunstverein Wien.

The goal of this course is that it will foster interest and curiosity in independent thinking and collaborative work that is necessary for social engagement in artistic practices. The participants will engage in a broad, contextual learning experience and will have the opportunity to shift their ideas and expectations about what it is to leave the familiar ground of an educational setting. They will discover agency in peer to peer networks as an alternative or supplement to traditional validation methodologies of slow moving institutions or fast moving marketplaces. It will be a chance to take work out of the private space of the studio and see how it functions within a broader social network and how this experience in turn informs the private experience.”

Source: https://www.akbild.ac.at/en/institutes/fine-arts/events/lectures-events/2022/independence-and-self-organization?set_language=en