14.10.2017, 3pm - 8pm


The last two years have been marked by an increase in the number of art spaces of various kinds in Vienna, indicating a shift from project making to institution building. Along with galleries, manifold self-organized art initiatives emerged across the city. Utilizing the exhibition How To Live Together we would like to initiate a discussion on the ecology of the local artistic scene.

The forum is thought to connect so-called artist-run, alternative, off- and project spaces, as well as young galleries and Kunsthalle Wien in order to engage in a dialogue. It will question the relation of size to scale as being representative of their importance.

Open to the public, It might be brilliant, it’s not new… aims at addressing questions of producing and presenting contemporary art in Vienna by articulating the urgencies faced by respective local art organizations; reflecting on the different models of operating, and the concrete as well as immaterial value they contribute to the local artistic field.

With  fAN,  Gärtnergasse, GIANNI MANHATTAN,  hoast, keen on magazine,  Kevin Space,  Kluckyland, Kunsthalle3000, Nathalie Halgand,  Mauve,  New Jörg,  Pina, PW-Magazine,  Schneiderei,  school,  Significant Other,  SORT,  Ve.Sch, Vin Vin,  wellwellwell, □□□□□■( LLLLLL)


3pm: It’s Not New, But It’s Needed
With Natalie Halgand, Pina, Ve.Sch, wellwellwell

4 pm: Coopetitionand Money Issues
With KLUCKYLAND, Significant Other, Vin Vin (In English)

5 pm: Howto Work Together?
With fAN, Gärtnergasse, Gianni Manhattan, hoast, Schneiderei (In English)

6 pm: The Politics of Exhibition Making
With Kevin Space, Mauve, New Jörg, school, Sort (In English)

7 pm: What about Digital Space?
With keen on magazine, Kunsthalle3000, □□□□□■(LLLLLL), PW Magazine