Vienna’s independent scene as an international, decentralized institution.

Roundtable Discussion, 22.6.2022

Photo: Jelena Pajic

at  Neuer Kunstverein Wien, Rennweg 110-116 Vienna 1030

The discussion will be in English

  • Zuzana Ernst - D-Arts

  • Martin Fritz - Moderation

  • Katharina Höglinger - Artist

  • Bruno Mokross - Curator

  • Michael Part - Artist

  • Matthias Sohr - Bureaucracy Studies and Circuit, Lausanne

  • Vincent Weisl - Wien Museum

  • Luisa Ziaja - Belvedere 21

An early discussion at an Independent Space Index Stammtisch led to a proposal that Vienna’s independent scene could be considered a large and diverse intergenerational institution, presenting hundreds of exhibitions and projects per year, creating a responsive web of international networks.

Questions about the role of these small collaborative cultural initiatives run parallel to those of valuation of individual artistic effort. This gives us a clue to what the ‘mission’ of such a decentralized institution might be. What should strategies of re-presentation be, whether it be through festivals, joint exhibitions, institutional invitations, or historical analysis?